Gender Roles In Elizabethan Society

1.)In general, compare and contrast the role of women and men in Elizabethan society

women are expected to stay home to clean and cook, while men can have many different jobs. They can not get an education unlike boys. They have to obey their fathers and husbands or they are punished. Men are like the workers

2.)Who was expected to “look after” women? Why did the Elizabethans feel that this needed to be done

)If they are married then there husband is supposed to look after them, if not then their father is supposed to look after them

3.)What types of jobs could women have? What types of jobs could women NOT have

The only jobs that women can have are to clean, cooking, sewing, maids, and to look after their sons and daughters

4.)List 3 rights that women in Elizabethan England did not have that women in America do have today.

Women in Elizabethan society can not have whatever job that they want like in america today. Women in Elizabethan society can not have an education. Elizabethan women did not have the vote and were not allowed to enter politics. There were no Elizabethan women in the Army or Navy. Elizabethan women were not allowed to act in the theaters ( but women at court were allowed to perform in the Masques)


Tulloch, Janet H., Kim M. Phillips, Karen Raber, Ellen Pollak, Teresa Mangum, and Liz Conor. A cultural history of women. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2013. Print.

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