MY life and What I Want to do for a Living By: Jair Perez

The job that I am most interested in is becoming a NFL Scout. Doing this for a living would be so cool for me because I enjoy watching College Football Highlights, and also cause I just love the game of Football.
Some of the skills that I would need for this is writing, communication, management, leadership, organization, and time-management skills. Those are just the basics.
Although having a college degree is not exactly necessary earning one demonstrates to teams that I have more to offer, distinguishing me from other peers. Some degrees that I would most likely get are in business, marketing, sales, or sports management.
What I need to be doing in school as of right is to just keep up all my grades. Another thing that would do me well is to go football games and check out the players and scout them, have somewhere to start out with. Also i would likely take a business class or how to manage a company or how to work with all that stuff.
The average salary for a NFL scout is around 2 million and 3 million. I would be the monthly income of it would be something around $45,000 to $95,000.
The college that I would attend is SportsManegementWorldwide and the things that i will learn are the basics of scouting like covering scouting techniques, football operations, team management, talent evaluation and the tools modern general managers use to get a competitive edge.
There are only so many people that are accepted into it because it is online and therefore you have to sign up. Over 100,00 people apply and throughout the course they take out people that arent as good as there peers, decided by test and participation.
Some activities that i could go to is go to the NFL combine and the Draft and check out the prospects. Also go to college games to see how the players play live instead of just watching film.
The college that I will be attending is free sign up.


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