Voice, Tense, and Mood By:julie dileo


active: the subject is the doer of the action

*Key clues: it's one verb

Ex: Camille's mom promised her a new pair of earrings for Christmas.

Ex: The cold, winter breeze opened the window.

passive: the subject is the receiver of the action

*Key clues: verb phrase (except for the helping verb "did") and when it says "by someone"

Ex: Camille was promised a new pair of earrings for Christmas by her mom.

Ex: The window was opened by the cold, winter breeze.


progressive: form of be + present participle

Ex: Andrea is taking French.

Ex: The lack of a rain is causing Atlanta to have a drought.

Perfect: form of have + past participle

Ex: June had listened to the new album.

Ex: I have played soccer since I was six years old.

*Sometimes the verb can be missing and you have to fill it in with the correct form correct form

Ex: She (enjoy) __________ the ride at the amusement park. (past perfect)

This chart is helpful to understand what the correct form of a verb would be


subjunctive: a wish or desire; demand; uncertainty; contrary to fact; and a recommendation

*key words: if, that, whether, wish/desire, suggest/recommend, and should/would/could

Ex: I recommend that we should wait an hour.

Ex: I would do homework now if i were you.

indicative: fact or question

Ex: Have you ever heard of the Legend of Atlanta

Ex: We have two pets name Klondike and Petals.

imperative: command

Ex: Draw out a diagram.

Ex: Follow all the instructions before starting.


*comes last when deciding mood

Ex: They did have fun on their camping trip.

Ex: I do hope that Santa comes tonight!


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