Final Reflection UX to UI

To create my final learning journal, I revisited aspects of the UX and UI class.

Class 1 introduced me to the idea of creating Personas. This was new to me and now I see the great value in designing for the audience. In this class I selected to revise my Design History site which is primarily used by students.

Class 2 was very beneficial to me as I began to revise one of my course’ websites. Although mainly a container for documents and images, the implementation of User Experience had become quite important to me and also is one of my motivations for taking this class. Creating easy to use (and easy/rapid to create) site map and organizing content as well as the visual examples, demos and guest speakers in the live classes were excellent for this class and also all the way through this UI to UX course.

Class 3 was the most difficult for me. This may have been in part that I had reviewed material ahead of schedule and also that XD was completely new to be as was Adobe Comp. Getting a handle on what each of these applications can do was challenging yet now 2 classes down the road; I have no idea why this felt so difficult. I suppose it was a ‘learner’s block’. Today I am totally in love with XD – it is amazing!

Class 4 incorporated a Style Tile, a Mood Board and two overall interface designs. Experimenting with the mood board and style tile gave me multiple ideas for future designs yet at the same time created required limitations. Visiting interface design from these angles helped me learn more about the process of design in itself.

Class 5 introduced me to creating prototypes in XD. Wow!! I loved every minute of this – I could see results live immediately rather than waiting for something to upload to check. I also redesigned my site for the phone – and from inspiration of my peers and instructors’ examples, simplified and clarified the design from the Photoshop Interface designs I had made in Class 4.

I am so glad I took the challenge to do this course on UI and XD. Spectacular!

I plan to use this information in multiple courses.

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