Oak/Madrone Investment Group A social marketing overview

This presentation will outline the approach we will take to managing your social media pages, including the main objectives associated with each platform as well as the tone we will use when speaking as your brand. Please keep in mind that these examples listed below are subject to change based on your goals and available resources.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

Investment tips

This is the core of your content. Since our end goal is converting would-be investors, we'll want to position you as an expert in your field and a trusted source of investment knowledge. We'll use any of your own information that you can provide us along with real estate investment news from legitimate outlets (not your competitors) like the Wall Street Journal or Yahoo Finance and others.

Property listings

We'll showcase any properties you have available for investors. Showing prospects what they're investing in will give them a sense of comfort with where their money is going.

Branded testimonials

Testimonials from real sources will lend legitimacy to your business and show potential partners that your model is a better fit for them than their IRA or 401(k). If needed, we can keep these anonymous or omit names ("Alex from Sacramento," for example).


As a visual platform, Instagram will be a good fit for showcasing your properties and branded testimonials. We can also look into sharing some of the short videos that you've made and shared on Facebook. An added benefit of utilizing Instagram is that the platform is owned by Facebook, meaning we can run our Facebook ads on this site as well. This could be valuable in reaching younger potential investors in the Silicon Valley and Bay areas.

You'll see the best results on Instagram by using original content, so we'll need a consistent flow of images of properties ready for investment. We want to keep you account professional, so we avoid using stock photos on this platform.


Pinterest is a surprisingly good source for investment information, with lots of results for real estate investment and property management. With a younger user base than Facebook, Pinterest could be a good source to reach the young professionals in Silicon Valley and the Bay who are looking for alternative investment opportunities but aren't sure where to start.


Our aim is to convert people with IRAs and 401(k)s who may not be familiar with real estate investment into passive investment partners of Oak/Madrone. To do this, we need to show them the benefits of this type of investment and the risks of sticking with the low-return investment plans they may already have. That requires a voice that conveys authority and expertise with this type of investing, while clearly explaining the process and benefits to your audience. Our internal research and dialogue with you will provide a base for this voice.

Facebook Ads

Our number one goal is to generate leads of interested investors. To do this, we'll use Facebook's Lead Generation ads to reach people in the Silicon Valley and Bay areas (and any other areas you feel are particularly relevant) with advertisements that target their frustration with their low-return investments and the potential for them to do more with their money. The ads will prompt the user to click on the ad to fill out a contact form. We'll test long copy and short copy against each other and use a number of different images to test which ads are most engaging. New images and copy will be added as necessary.

When a user completes the form, they'll receive an autoresponse email from you informing them that you'll contact them in the next 48 hours. To gauge interest, we'll ask them to reply to the email if there is a best time to contact them, with the idea being the people who set appointment ares the most interested prospects. All replies will go to you and you'll also receive an email with all of the lead's contact information. Click on the buttons below to view previews of how your ads will look in a user's Newsfeed.

Landing pages

Click the button below to view the wireframe examples of your two landing pages. One is a standard landing page with text that will explain the investment process alongside a contact form; the other landing page will feature a video that explains the process alongside a form. Our goal is to A/B test the pages against each other to page which converts more leads. Both pages will feature anonymous investor testimonials if you have them available.

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