Top 10 places in America Ryan Miller

1. Las Vergas, Navada

I want to go to Las Vegas because I want to gamble. I want to see all of the lights that they have and all the building they have.

2. Las Angeles, Calafornia

I want to go here so I can see the big buildings. I want to ride here in an air plane.

3. Honolulu, Hawaii

I want to see the palm trees. I want to see the tall buildings to.

4. San Antonio, Texas

I want to go to the ranches. I want to see the way they farm vs. the way we farm.

5. Hershey, Pennsylvania

I want to go here because i want to eat chocolate. I want to see how it is made.

6. New York City, New York

I want to go there to see the statue of liberty. I want to see china town.

7. New Orleans, Louisianna

I want to go here to see the town. It looks historical

8. Denver, Colorado

I want to see the city. I want to see my favorite football team.

9. Anchorage, Alaska

This would be a good place to ski and tube. This is a cold place.

10. Orlando, Florida

I liked going here. I have already been there.


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