Freud creates a series of stages called the Psychosexual Stages. These five stages explain how sexual influences (a very Freudian idea) transmit through a child's life.

The first stage is the oral stage. The ages of the oral stage starts at birth and carries through until around 18 months.

The idea that Freud is trying to convey concerns the origin of pleasure and how it translates later on in life.

Freud said pleasure comes from the mouth. A child that has an over induced exposure to these pleasures would grow into an individual that is over optimistic, gullible, and dependent.

As a baby, it was rather difficult to find me without something in my mouth. My mom recalls the variation of objects I would put in my mouth; from my crib to Christmas ornaments, and even coasters. They all somehow landed in my mouth one way or another. Translated today, I took an optimism test and I was very high on the spectrum. However, after taking a dependency test I tested very high for independency. Freud's ideas were not scientifically proven, but there are some parallels seen with his theories put forward.

Freud is a strong believer in the unconscious mind. He said it is a part of the mind that many people do not see. It is the hidden piece within us that holds our deepest secrets.

The unconscious mind was viewed as very dark and negative. It was believed to be the largest driving factor in a person's life.

As a toddler it seems my unconscious mind hid behind sunglasses. It would sometimes try to surface in my clothes. Maybe my over desire to dress like Audrey Hepburn was my unconscious mind trying to reveal its true self. Deep down inside of me I was selfish wanted to pack my bags and hit the road to become a star. My train hat was my unconscious mind trying to tell me I was about to derail in the wrong direction. Who knows though? It's my unconscious mind- it's meant to be deep and secretive.

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