Iroquois Theater By: Abbie Andrade

What started the fire?

It was December 30, 1903, at the Chicago Iroquois Theater. There was play that day it was " Mr. Blue Beard". Eddie Foy was playing the lead role Anne in the play. Later ,little did he know he would become an eyewitness. The fire was started when a spotlight flicked against a border drop. The fire killed 602 people. Fire safety was something not very important in the theater. The exits were not marked properly, the main gallery didn't have exits. There was no fire alarm either and there was not sprinkler on stage were the fire started

The Emergency doors were not open leaving people to flea quickly. There where no fire escape which lead people to jump out through the windows. Jump out the windows lead more people to die instead leaving the building. Another tribute the fire was a trolley wire that was used for the one of the acts in the show

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