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Hi my name is Savannah Kelly, and I make videos for my high school class. My style for making videos is different camera angles, which in my opinion makes the video more interesting. I prefer more happy endings and interesting stories, or something that doesn't include violence. I like videos with a theme or a lesson, or at least a video with some meaning. My future goal is to make videos of my baking, and to continue making videos.


This was my very first video I ever made, which includes all the filming and editing. I feel like my group picked a good "Public Service Announcement". Even though we didn't really know how to make a video flow, it still turned out decent. My group faced a lot of problems when we were trying to shoot the film. Things like clothing and light, which helped us prepare for our future videos. Teamwork was needed to film, so some life lessons were taught as we shot the scenes. So all in all this video wasn't the greatest, but it was my very first one. So what can I say? At least we got it done.

This video also had a few problems when we started to film it, but I'd say this is one of my favorites. This is when I started to love the different camera angles, and I experienced the time it took to shoot different camera angles. I loved the story we did, although we didn't really finish the plot of the story. The video still turned out good, and that's when we learned how to make a ghost affect at the end of the video.

This video was the first one where I had to deal with the audio, which is harder than it seems. Then we learned how the transitions between different shots of film were very crucial to make the video flow. So my group learned a lot from this video project, and we learned how audio is very important. I did like how we saw different camera views of the person being interviewed, which is becoming one of my favorites things to do in video making. All in all this video had a few errors, but I learned more and more about video making.

This video was one of the only ones where you can follow up on the whole story, and our audio was a bit better this time. I usually am not in the films I make, but in this case it was necessary for our video. We had some trouble with cooperation when we had to get extra help, but it still turned out good. One of my teammates and I had to become the "leader" of our group. So some more life skills were needed in order to make our video work. Our audio turned out better, and I was pleased with the results. My editing skills were improving, and the flow of my videos are getting better.

This was by far one of my favorites, even though we were running out of time. If we had more time, we could have taken better shots of the person. Making this took some time to make it look real enough, but all in all was very fun. We didn't choose the best location to film, so we learned that where you are is very important for audio. This is probably one of the best videos my group had made. I love how we used the same person, which makes the video more interesting.


What did I learn from just one semester of video production?

Taking my first video production class taught me a lot of things for making videos. For example lighting is very important, so your video looks more professional. Having many camera angles is one of my favorites, and in my opinion makes the video look more professional. Writing the script takes a lot of time, and a lot of consideration as you write your story. Once the script is written though, it makes the filming process much quicker. One of my favorite parts of video making is the editing on the computer. There are so many effects and fun stuff you can do to make the film more interesting and fun. This class taught me a lot of things that I can use in the future, because now I'm really interested in video production.



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