Good Ol' Dunkhole Sean Hiller

Another day wasted at a long and boringly dreadful day at the Dunkhole. I despise the place. I really do. As soon as you open the door all you can smell is a combination of burnt bagels, crappy coffee and spoiling milk. The ground is scattered with brown stains, plastic cups, and crumpled receipts. It's disgusting. I think I'd rather work at a pig sty, but they probably would just look at me and tell me to leave. That's practically how it works everywhere else, too. The only reason I got hired here is because it's nearly impossible for them to find an employee to bare the place for more than a week.

I'm glad I at least get to work with good people. They're all from India and barely speak a lick of English, and all, but they're good people. Like this guy Harsh I always work with. It's actually funny that his name is Harsh, he is one of the kindest people I've ever met. He's the one to take anyone's shifts if they need to leave, he's great with customers, and even gives out free donuts at the end of the night. You'd like him you really would. The only problem is you could barely understand the guy. The worst part is that the customers have zero patience to try to understand him. For instance, today a blonde-headed local pulled up to the drive-thru and ended up yelling “I'm sorry, but you are not fit to be working here!” at Harsh. Like hell if she was sorry. I can't stand that. Racism. What a goddamn moron. I wish she woulduv pulled up to the window, so I coulduv goddamn chewed her out. And I'm good at it, too. I would still be going at her, now.

The worst part is that's the only exciting thing that has ever happened at the place. Now it's full of the same stench that stains my nose and the same garbage that piles up by the end of every day. Good ol’ Dunkhole never changes.

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Sean Hiller


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