Nigel Barker By: Aliya andrews

My photographers real name is Nigel Barker and he was born on April 27, 1972 in London England UK.

Nigel Barker is a fashion photographer.

Nigel Barker uses techniques such as fast shutter speed and a shallow depth of field.

Nigel Barker used to work on Next Top Models around the world. Then he moved on to a show called "The Face". Now I believe Barker works for himself.

Nigel Barker is one of the Sony ambassadors. He uses the Sony A900 and A99 as his main cameras.
Barker usually uses direct lighting because he mainly takes portraits.
One of Nigel Barker's main influences is his mom, Miss Sri Lanka. His mom introduced him to the field of modeling.
A interesting story about how Nigel got his start is when he would shoot "Off Duty Models". It started with his wife and his sister and soon all of their friends were being photographed by him too.

I like how unique Nigel Barker's photos are. I also like that he uses a wide variety of subjects in his photography. I mainly chose him because I like looking at fashion photography and I know Barker from his work on America's Next Top Model.

Created By
Aliya Andrews


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