Sophia Grace Letter of Intent for Content Creator Contractor

Dear Spark Social Management,

It is my pleasure to write to you today to present the business plan for a proposed project between myself and your agency. For the months of November through March I intend to serve as a contracted content creator to assist with content management and production. I look forward to working with your team both in-house as well as remotely, to maximize reach and style for published content.

According to the discussed terms, I am to make myself available for all meetings and discussions Monday thru Thursday, with freelance availability on Fridays. I intend to work with the creative team to learn brand guidelines and aesthetics, and look forward to achieving the role of managing creative direction for created content. The proposed rate of $70/hour is approved, with additional compensation for overtime projects.

Here are some examples of my content:

Please take note this letter is specifically for intent, with a final agreement for signatures to follow in the coming days. Take this time to gather any questions or further direction for upcoming projects, and reach out at your earliest convenience.

Thank you again for your consideration and business!


123.456.7890 | SGRACE@SMAIL.COM