Laura E. Salazar bio

Work experience, community service, special interest projects...
  • MEChA events @ Castle Park High
  • ASB member / event planner @ Castle Park High
  • Breast cancer awareness walk volunteer 2015 and2016
  • Scleroderma awareness walk volunteer 2015 and 2016
Educational Experience
  • High school diploma
  • Some college
Personal Aspirations

My biggest aspiration is to become a CEO . It would be an honor to work for a recognized company and actually be an be an important part. I strive to not only take keeping it afloat but turn the company into one with the most demand in the country , because I don't have a reputation for being a conformist.

Skills and Talents
  • Witty
  • independent
  • overachiever
  • creative
  • great leaderships skills
  • loyal
  • respectful
  • uses common sense to solve problems on my own
Contact info



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