Triassic Time Period By: Cal Wittenbach and Co.

The Triassic time period occurred during the time of the Pangaea super continent

Triassic time period falls in the Mesozoic Era

Phanerozoic Eon

Occurred around 250 million to 199 million years ago

Climate was warm

Average temperature 62.6 degrees fahrenheit

Environments of the Triassic time period are comparable to present day swamps and rain forests

Life outside of the water began to flourish and diversify with the evolution of reptiles into animals like lizards and crocodiles

Beginnings of dinosaurs from reptiles

Along with the evolution of dinosaurs from small reptiles and amphibians little mammals began to appear across the planet

These mammals are comparable to present day mice, rats and other pests

The first dinosaurs and reptiles grew up to 9 feet long and looked similar to this

The animals that lived in this time were put into 3 different categories called the holdovers

Beginnings of dolphins and other sea creatures

Frogs, salamander, snakes, turtles, and crocodiles came in from the Triassic coast


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