Colonial Kitchens How a room can be the most important shelter in your life

How are kitchens now different then before?
In the kitchens we now ,there are stoves, refrigerators, and electricity, but take a step back in time and you find many things different. There were no stoves, refrigerators, or water faucets ! Can you imagine that?
Do you see the difference of these two photos?
There used to be no light switches, only a fire ( used as a stove.) and a table,spinning wheel, and silverware( not really silverware, most of the materials were made out of wood)Also, the kitchen used to be the only room in the house!
What Other rooms were the kitchen?
Back then, the kitchen used to be the only room in the house. It was very important, adults used the kitchen for spinning, weaving, and making candles. It was like living in one big room! However, very soon, the people began to have bedrooms, along with the kitchen but still, the kitchen was the most important room in the house.
Keeping the fire lit
The fire was not the only source of heat in the house, but it helped get the light, sew, and cook.
From all the information I have, I hope you can see how important the kitchen was.


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