Patrick Reynolds By: Richard Bae

Family History

Patrick Reynolds, born in December 2, 1948 at the Miami Beach, Florida, had a grandfather named Richard Joshua Reynolds, also known as RJ Reynolds. RJ Reynolds was the founder of a tobacco company named RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company. This company created more than 10 cigarette brands! Because of this company, many millions of people got madly addicted to cigarettes as if it was gold.


Patrick Reynolds, full of dread from not being able to meet his father since his parents divorced when he was 3, finally got a chance to meet him in 6 years. Now, filled with hope, Patrick arrived at the door of his father’s house in Lucerne, Switzerland. He is so excited to meet his father and reunite again. But as he walks up to his father’s room, he finds his father lying on the ground exercising his lungs. “Son, I have asthma.” He says weakly. However, it turned out to be Emphysema, or cancer caused by smoking. At Christmas, he passed away. Along with this, R.J. Reynolds III, Patrick Reynolds’ oldest brother, also died from emphysema.

The Lifetime Goal

Because of these deaths, as he grows up, he is motivated and devotes his life to stop kids from smoking. He gives a lot of speeches to teenagers. “I am doing everything I can to help people stop smoking. It’s important to me.” He says to the teenagers. Standing on stage before many thousands of people, he reminds them the dangers of smoking and how even second-hand smoking can kill more than 40000 Americans per year. He tells teens that they are wrong when they say that they could stop smoking whenever they want to. He says, “Once you start smoking, it’s almost impossible to stop.” Hoping it will go well, he establishes a company named Smokefree America in the year 1989. He thinks it will help him accomplish his mission. Some time later, that hope turned into success.

The Lifetime Achievement Award signed by Obama

Patrick Reynolds not only achieved his lifetime goal, but he also won a lot of rewards. On September 19, 2015, he got two awards. One was an award from the White House, directly from the president of the United States, Barack Obama. Standing on stage before many thousands of people applauding and cheering, he receives the Lifetime Achievement Award from Obama. “I am humbled and honored.” He said.

Author's Note

Patrick Reynolds, the grandson of R.J. Reynolds, the founder of a tobacco company, opposed on the job that made his family wealthy. He motivated youth to stay tobacco free and empowered smokers to quit. Becoming known worldwide, he received many rewards from many people, such as an award from the Order of St. Lazarus, known as the Companionate of Merit Award. "Patrick Reynolds is one of the nation's most influential advocates of a smokefree America." Said Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, surgeon for children and public health administrator of the united states.


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