Harn Museum February 2, 2017

Medium of Art/Technique of the Artist

This particular piece was incredibly interesting because of the mode in which it is presented. Each of the different orbs projects a different idea. The medium does a fantastic job at capturing the attention of the viewer with its cage like structure. The abstractness also provides a high degree of individuality that allows the viewer to ascribe whatever meaning they desire to the work.

Design of the Museum

I personally greatly enjoyed the layout of the museum in the Asian art wing. In Asian culture, balance is key. The wide open space and equally balanced sides lent to a very pleasing environment and made the whole experience very enjoyable. I also really liked the fact that they have the small garden in the back and the large windows which provided a lot of natural light and really connected with the Asian art emphasis on nature and peace.

Art and Core Values

I believe that art has something that can make a difference in some respects. The Guerrilla Girls part of the museum really encapsulates that. By bringing to light things that have happened really resonates with me in showing things that matter. These photos that both are infographics as well as is interesting because it connects with my core value of education.

Art and the Good Life

These pieces were very meaningful to me because I love antiquity and anything that has to do with looking at the past I find very interesting. These sketches provide a glimpse at a point in time in history. Their overall significance may be minimal, but the impact they have is large on me. These pieces drew me in because of both the sheer number of them, and also because of the way they piece together and make a larger map of a city that has changed throughout the millennia.

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