Eddy J. Tang Software developer

Hello, and thank you for coming to my website! I am a third year student at the University of Alberta in Canada, pursuing a Specialization in Computing Sciences undergraduate degree.

Are you looking for an intern or someone to help you with a project? Take a look at a few of my School Projects, and Side projects to see what I have made. Then, maybe learn a little about me and consider hiring me.

Ashes to Ashes by Buoyant Buffalo

For one of my classes at the University of Alberta, we were to design and fully implement a game using Microsofts Project Spark Engine (no longer available). The game was developed in a span of four months with a team of 6 members, and recieved Game of The Year Award at Edmontons Game Discovery Exhibition. Unfortunately Project Spark is no longer available, and Microsoft has shut down all of their servers, but my team is currently looking into ways to retrieve a working copy to allow people to access and play our game. Please check back if you are interested.

Ashes to Ashes remake title by Buoyant Buffalo

Wanting to make another game together, most members from Bouyant Buffalo decided to get back together for a short game jam. With 3 days, we crafted a prototype of our game and its mechanics with YoYoGames GameMaker Studio. Although it is not a lot, it was a proof of concept that we were able to get the engine working since it was our first time working with it.


For one of our classes at the University of Alberta, we were to build a simple application that would store sizes of people a user would want to input. The user would have functionality to do things such creating new entries, edit old entries, as well as view entries in full detail if they tap on the entry. The application was build for Android through Android Studios.


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