Milwaukee Health Department We are in this TOGETHER

A Message from - Caroline B. Gomez-Tom, MSW, Board of Health, Vice President

What a year 2020 has been and it is only May. COVID-19 and the crisis it has started will go down in infamy as a time the world stopped. Due to this virus, many people have thrown out their routines, lost their jobs, and most devastatingly, have had to say goodbye to loved ones. These issues are magnified in the populations most impacted by poverty, racism, and other socially-determined factors.

As a member of the City of Milwaukee Board of Health, I wanted to share my genuine gratitude for everything that the members of the Health Department contribute to help inform and guide our communities in staying safe.

With the steadfast leadership of Health Commissioner Jeanette Kowalik, the City of Milwaukee Health Department staff are doing a fantastic job amid the challenges of being underfunded and understaffed. Staff have had to take on new and unexpected roles, move quickly to react to changing scenarios, and make difficult decisions for the sake of our residents’ health and safety.

Through the health department’s guidance, I am hopeful our reopening and recovery from this emergency will be driven by scientific facts and data and will consider the needs of the most vulnerable among us.

On behalf of all of us who live, work, and play in Milwaukee, thank you for continuing this fight against COVID-19 . We are in this together, but your leadership is what will get us through this crisis

A message from Lyn S Ranta, MD, Board of Health, President

These are unprecedented times. The COVID 19 pandemic has upended our lives. We are anxious for our health and the health of those we love. Many have lost their jobs and the impact of the infection has disproportionately affected the most vulnerable members of our neighborhoods.

As a member of the City of Milwaukee Board of Health I wanted to share my sincere appreciation for all of the efforts that members of the Health Department have contributed to helping keep our community safe.

Despite being underfunded and understaffed, the department has done a remarkable job. They have been thoughtful, collaborative and resourceful. Many individuals are new to their jobs, others have had to quickly pivot to new tasks and many are shouldering the burden of more than one set of work responsibilities. They have been willing to learn on the fly and adjust to rapidly changing situations and expectations.

As a team, their messaging has helped us keep focused on scientific facts and not falsehoods. They also continue to develop and champion reasonable, data driven plans for reopening and recovery.

Thank you to everyone - from the leadership on down - for all that you continue to do to help the public remain as healthy and safe as possible.

Strong Work!!! We ARE Moving Milwaukee Forward, TOGETHER!!


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