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Problem Statement: We have to design, build, and test a Go Kart and we must be able to power it using just a 18V drill; we have about one and a half marking periods to complete this challenge. We only have a budget of about $25 to acquire any materials that were not provided. The only materials given to us for use are: One 18 volt drill, one sheet of 3/4 inch thick plywood, misc. hardware, and wood glue. But a material we would obviously need that is not provided is tires and maybe seating. Outside materials that we need are: wheels, possibly a chain, and gears. This Go Kart we will be building must be able to complete three different challenges: Drag Strip (acceleration/top speed), road course (handling/control), and super mileage (endurance/efficiency).


This is a picture or what we essentially wanted the base of the Go Kart to look like. It has tires and a seat, along with gas/brake pedals.
Though this example isn't exactly what we were thinking of because of the width but it has pretty much the same elements as our idea: wheels, gas/brake pedal, and a seat.


This is the design we have intended for our Go Kart. There is one wheel in the back which will powered by the drill. Speaker behind the seat, with handles for steering. Brake and Gas pedal, etc.
The belt holding together the steering levers and the wheels will be pieces of wood held together by a bolt that is not too tight to allow the pieces to move.
These will be the initial measurements of the back Go Kart.
These are the measurements of the middle of the Go Kart.
These are the front of the Go Kart measurements.
The entire Go Kart will be about 72 inches.
These are the steering handle bars.
This is the front tire and the back tires will be slightly larger.
these are the tires we will be adding to our assembly.
This is the seat we created for the go kart for bobby to ride.
these are the pieces to our Go Kart project we made in onshape.
This is the side view of the Go kart while the next picture is an aerial view of the Go Kart.
This aerial view shows the length measurements of the Go Kart.
This the base From the back.
This is the base with a board now attached to it for added support.
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