Chile Ethan,Jolly,Ella,Joseph


Chili is in the lower left corner of the map by Argintina

Some interesting facts are that its the longest country in south america and one of the many countries that the Inca empire live in.

one of the bast features of chile
some some amazing Incan artifacts in chile

The urban percentage is 88% while 12% is rural


This is an Inca god from the fifteen hundreds when the Inca ruled the Andes Mountains.


Our government positively supports the world cup event being placed here. One reason we agree with this is because we can make better relationships with other countries and we can have less tension than before. The second reason is that it will boost the the government's popularity with the citizens. A reason that deals with economics is that our country can earn more money because the more people who come to the world cup can look at some of are cool features. Another reason is the tourist will come and see are amazing things and want to trade for them later.

Chile's current leader is Michele Batchelet. The government of Chile is Unitary which means the national government has all the power and does not share.

Chile is more market than demand, from 1980 to 2008 its gotten more than two times more market than it's original amount.

Cuba should not be in the world cup because it has a command economy and the citizens are to poor to host this big event.


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