Nosara, Costa Rica Our adventure

We traveled from the Outer Banks to Norfolk to Atlanta to Liberia Costa Rica then to Nosara... The trip took 15 hours!

WE were Sleepy!
But it was worth it :)
3 miles of beautiful Costa Rican coast

I wasn't happy at all with the pool!

The air temperature was in the low 90's

we enjoyed beautiful sunsets everynight

There was an old cemetery along the path we took to the beach
We bought lots of pottery from Carlo
This palm tree was a reference point for us on the beach. The surf was better north of the tree. This is where we usually met friends.
These Fisherman are using only line... no poles.
The sunsets were amazing!
This was the road to our house...
Which was pretty awesome...
We spent a lot of afternoons in the pool
It was a great break from the beach in the heat
Homework time
One day we took a hike through the jungle on the North end of Nosara...
The jungle was super green with lots of different plants
and found this amazing beach, Playa Pelada
Sitting right on this beach was an amazing restaurant called "La Luna".
It had a great view!
We met this cute scruffy puppy
I chilled out a bit :)
At dinner, I sat beside my favorite Acy Davis

I Love Nosara!

Some of you may know Stephen Muglia and William Deane.

My dad climbed really high on this rock

Did I mention the adults really loved the sunsets?

I mean, every night!

Here are some of the animals we found around Nosara...
This bird paid us a visit on the porch one afternoon
There was a turtle hatch the last weekend we were in Nosara. Most made it to the water, some went the other way.
This was the last one to the water... we hope he survived.
This animal is called a Coatimundi
The Golden Orb spider is amazing. Her web may change the world...
Momma and baby howler
The howler monkeys are everywhere in Costa Rica. You see them mainly in the morning and evenings
They make some pretty scary sounds

surf dog :)

We're pretty sure this very large iguana lives in that pipe
William enjoyed playing soccer with the locals... an amazing venue
There were lots of beautiful plants that grow naturally all over the country
Won't be climbing this tree!
He really wanted my camera!
There was lots of surfing done on the trip as usual...
Surfing Nosara!
...with waves everyday!

I even stood up on a few!

My teammate Stephen going airborne!
Another teammate, Acey Davis
Look close at the bird diving right behind Williams Dad!

On the 23rd of January, everyone else went to the airport to go home and we started another adventure.

Our new friend Ryan getting us some fresh coconut water to drink

We stayed at Casa Alice Surf Lodge with an Italian family for 2 nights

The town of Marbella had a black sand beach

This was our last night on the West Coast of Costa Rica

We walked back to our place in the dark and saw lots of creepy creatures

Stone Crabs, Scorpians and Tarantula Spiders

On our trek to the caribbean we stopped for lunch at the house of Parrots

When we got the Puerto Viejo Costa Rica we made another pit stop

This place had huge Koi fish, turtles and an amazing beach

The last stage of our final destination, was a long ride on a fast boat

Bocas Del Toro, Panama was amazing!

You take little boats to different islands

I spent lots of time in this pool too!

Our hotel was right on the beach

This is where I did homework

There was lots of bamboo

We had some interesting creatures living by us

Cayman lived in the pond


We spent a day on Playa Estrella (Star Island)

Named for the abundance of starfish

Last morning of sun....Time to go home!

The End

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