Whale Shark Holly Dieren

Whale Sharks are the largest fish in the world

Whale Sharks can be up to 20 meters with an average of 9-12 meters

Whale Sharks have a huge mouth with non functional teeth that only suck in plankton and small fish by opening up about 1.5 meters

Their mouth is so big because it must suck in a lot of food in order to survive

Mark Erdmann blogged about an exciting expedition tagging whale sharks in 2011 in Cenderawasih Bay off the northern coast of West Papua, Indonesia

The bigger your mouth the bigger your heart!

Many people dive with Whale sharks because of the fact that they are so friendly and aren't any danger to humans

Whale sharks swim by moving their bodies side to side unlike great white sharks who use their tails

They are cartilaginous fish which means they don't have bones only cartilage which weighs up to 40,000 lbs.


Created with images by simonesaponetto - "whale shark maldives sea" • Christian Steen - "Diving Maldives, 2009" • skeeze - "whale shark swimming ocean" • Photography by Brian Lauer - "IslaMujeres-22"

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