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Caritas Australia is a non-profit organization whose mission is to "help people help themselves" long term not only providing them with essentials such as food, water and clothing but also providing jobs,homes and education this creates a positive environment and a long term lasting effect.


This design is aimed to instill a sense of sympathy and give the audience a insight of the poverty and unfair treatment families in third world countries such as India, Ethiopia, Peru, Afghanistan, Indonesia and many more experience on a daily basis. The design is meant to be informative and easy to use for anyone able to donate a small sum towards the cause


The purpose of this design is to visually communicate the mission statement and past projects of the charity in a way that is appealing and inspiring to the audience. The diary is a product that not only informs society about the organization but promotes the cause and provides information on how to donate and what the donation provides for these families The reasons why the charity might produce a diary to raise awareness promote themselves and gain the attention of possible donors which can benefit their cause .


The visual communication plays a vital role in capturing the attention of the audience and distributing information. The charity might produce a diary to raise awareness promote themselves and gain the attention of possible donors which can benefit their cause and the families in third world countries.


The constraints that come with the design are budget since this is a non-government non-profit organisation all the money raised goes to the families in over 35 countries so budget for design and advertising may be tight and therefore it is a constraint that may affect the overall design.

Caritas project to provide clean water to places in africa




Caritas Australia is a non- government not- for- profit organization whose aim is to help those less fortunate by providing the basic necessities but also a long lasting life lessons that help these people in the long run this is done through education in farm management, money handling, sewing, reading, writing which helps families make a living. Caritas also provides homes, fresh water sources and education centers.


The target audience is anyone who is intresting in providing for the less fortunate a small donation can go a long way and anyone who is willing to do a good deed and help those in need or fundraise is a target audience for this charity also schools who fundraise and donate to the charity raise awareness to the children and parents but also help those in need.


There are many other charities out there who help those in need however majority of the time they are a non nonprofit organization which means that a percentage of the donations made go towards their funding and own personal use and the small percentage left goes towards those in need caritas however is a completely non for profit organisation which means the whole sum donated goes towards the cause.


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The majority of the sources I used were from the official caritas website which was a very informative and helped me complete this assessment task and create this diary entry but also some of this information is based on my past experience with the charity from school fundraisers to personal contributions which have taught me many things and have helped me generate ideas for a possible new design.

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Draft Diary Cover

Final Journal

Final Diary Cover

Design Process and thinking strategies

When designing the diary cover for my chosen charity, the idea was to have the charities catch phrase “Helping others Help themselves” be highlighted and illustrated as the main theme in the design. I started by conducting some research about the charity and how they live up to their quote. Personally I took into consideration the kind of work Caritas Australia does and I researched the countries and the innovative ways they help the less fortunate. Some of these techniques include a fresh source of water close to home. I found that this is something we take for granted, and I wanted to try and capture that the simplest things in life can go a long way for others. Through my research I also discovered that in developing countries it is the daughters job to fetch water for the family and this process can sometimes take a whole day. Because of this many women are not educated and therefore never get the chance to reach their full potential which is why Caritas has invested in water sources close to home. This therefore enables them to get an education whilst managing their chores at home.

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