Paul "Junior" Nichols Gamma Beta, #484

Tell us a little bit about what you’re doing now.

I am currently living in McFarland, WI. Me and my wife Katy had a baby girl (Ellie) back in May... Game changer that kiddo has been. Only way I am awake at midnight anymore is if El is teething/screaming. Los Amigos used to be my normal midnight operation. LOL. We also have a 4 year old lab (Brewer) that keeps all of us on the go. He loves the dog park and it's nice to get the whole family out and about.

Outside of home life, I am currently working at the UW hospital in the cytopathology department. I've been there for a few years now and definitely enjoy the daily variety that a hospital setting brings to the table.

Paul "Junior" with his wife Katy and daughter Ellie.

You have quite an impressive salt-water aquarium. Aren't those really difficult to maintain? -What's your secret?

The saltwater fish/coral realm has been an ongoing hobby for around eight years now. I am on my third "upgraded" size tank and thinking about getting a bigger one this summer. They can be a lot of work when you first get started but once you get a routine it's no big deal. I just do water changes the same day/amount every week and have testing equipment that is quick and accurate.

Paul fishing on the St. Croix River with the sturgeon he caught.

What did you do right after you left UWP?

Right after UWP I came up to Madison and did a 1 year program for my Cytology certification. Thereafter, I snagged a job and I've been here ever since.

What do you remember most vividly about your time as a TKE?

Without a doubt, the first night I was given my letters and put them on. Amazing experience.

Paul at Homecoming 2005: A pirate and his "parrot" Petey.

A cytotechnologist, what the heck is that?

Haha...I get that a lot. So mainly a cytotechologist is someone that works at a microscope and looks at cells on slides. Clinicians collect the samples and we screen them for malignancy. Samples range from lung biopsies to Pap smears.

  1. Star Wars sequels or Star Wars prequels? Star Wars prequels.
  2. Pancakes or Waffles? Belgian Waffles are amazeballs!
  3. Credit or Debit? Debit.
  4. Cake or Pie? Mmm pie.
  5. PC or Mac? Mac.
  6. James Bond or Jason Bourne? Bond, James Bond.
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