Religious Structures Peter Kiernan

St. Peter's Basilica

Named after St. Peter, one of the Apostles of Jesus and the first Pope in Christian belief. Built above his burial site and is a crpyt for recent popes and martyrs. It is located in Vatican City and is one of the largest Christian religious structures in the world and serves as a world heritage site. Uses components of gothic architecture and Italian Renaissance artwork.

Taj Mahal

Constructed initially as a burial site for the wife of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, located in India, the Taj Mahal is a world renowned sacred location to those of Islamic faith and is a popular world heritage site. Incorporates components of Mughal architecture and design to reflect the history of India.

The Wailing Wall

Used as a significant prayer site in Jewish faith located in Jerusalem. Named by being the only designated prayer site available to the Jews while under Christian-Roman rule and the wall was mainly used for mourning.

Meenakshi Temple

Located in Madurai, India, Meenakshi Temple was contructed in honor of the Goddess Meenakshi, a variant of the Goddess Parvati. Serves as a significant place of worship in Hindu faith and has components of ancient Indian architecture and art.

Borobudor Temple

Located in Indonesia, Borobudor Temple is one of the greatest Buddha monuments in the world and the largest Buddha temple, including 504 statues of Buddha. Has components of multiple art styles including stupa and candi.


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