Roxburgh - Journey Log Zoa376

Journey Log #1 - Creativity - INFP/Mage

September 4th

Going into Raid 1, I expected myself to have trouble writing 500 words, especially since I didn't think my literary failure had much substance to it, however I was surprised because I wrote beyond that.

I was definitely more worried about the video I had to make though, and it mostly had to do with my comfort zone. Everyone hates listening to themselves talk, and having to make a video where that was the primary focus was definitely frightening. Also I'm pretty good with technology, but I'm pretty bad when it comes to learning new things, and making videos is something I've never really done. But I worked through those barriers, and I felt I made a decent product in the end.

I think for future Raids, I need to do more ahead of time, and not leave it all to the last minute. Even though I got it all done within the span of a few hours, because I had to work the night of, I had to stay up much later then I would have liked to get the job done. Procrastination is something I'm always doing, and it's something I need to try to work on going forward.

Journey Log #2 - A Day in the Life Video - INFP / Mage

September 11th

Journey Log #3 - Premiere Pro Analysis -Openness - INFP / Ranger

September 18th

When I first started to use Adobe Premiere, I had to have a open mind. This was my first experience with the program, and I had go into it assuming I wouldn't know how everything worked, but that I would eventually figure it out. This is what ended up happening. The program has a lot of nuances and it difficult figuring out certain things in the beginning, like how to cut clips at the right time. There was also a learning curve when it came to my workflow. Being a new program to me, I had no idea how I could efficiently work in the space, but for the Remixing a Favorite quest, I found myself working much faster than I did when making the Day in a Life video. I also had to have an open mind when it came to recording myself for the Day in a Life video. That was definitely stepping out of my comfort zone, so I had to keep an open mind throughout the process.

Ranger Specialization

Design Choices

In class we talked about 6 different factors that one needs to think about when designing anything: Emphasis, Contrast, Color, Organization, Alignment, and Proximity. In an article by Ruth Walker, for koozai.com, she lists 5 key factors to having successful content on the web: Quality, Powerful Titles, Useful Content, Creativity, and Frequency. I think these 5 factors are all apart of the 6 factors above. Quality content can be achieved when you organize your content in the most productive way, powerful titles are achieved by emphasizing the most important part of your page, useful content comes from having good organization on your web page, creativity can be created through variations of contrast, color, and alignment, and frequency can be achieved through having good proximity of links on your page.

Source: Walker, Ruth. “5 Key Factors for Successful Content.” Koozai.com, 14 July 2015, www.koozai.com/blog/content-marketing-seo/5-key-factors-for-successful-content/.

Journey Log #4 - Flexibility - INFP

September 25th

Most of the time I consider myself to be a pretty flexible person, choosing my daily actions based on sudden impulses, and I feel this past Saturday was a good example of that. I recently "quit" my job, meaning they will no longer schedule me, but I can still work there, however on my first week off I was accidentally schedule to work Saturday. I talked to my manager about it, and despite him saying he could find someone else, I still worked the shift, because I think it shows them I willing to come back and work for them, and that I didn't quit for good. I also surprised myself that night when I got home, as I was prompted with the option of going to a party, which I rarely do, and without hesitation, I said yes. I think recent events in my life have led me to be more confident in myself, and I think that has allowed me to be even more flexible in my decisions

Journey Log #5 - Minecraft Education - INFP - Bard - Creativity

October 2nd

For the Minecraft build I chose the Bard specialization, and when it said "magnificent library," I immediately thought of the ancient architecture in the Greek Acropolis of Athens, buildings like the Parthenon, so I set out to make something similar to that.

I started by finding a place in the town, and created a natural looking path to the start of the library

The terrain behind the entrance moved down, so I made steps and added a wooden platform so the library could extend over the river. I made to big pillars as the main structure of the library.

I added big bookshelves on the sides and in the back, and then I added the ceiling, which I made out of mostly glass because it would provide a lot a light to the library during the day.

Finally, I added a few tables in the center of the library

When I set out to make this library, I wanted it to be different from your ordinary library, which is why I settled on the open-air, Greek architecture style that I did. I have played Minecraft in the past, having multiple worlds across multiple platforms, however I mostly play Survival mode, so my buildings in those worlds weren't very extravagant. Since this was done in Creative mode, I actually tried to be more creative in my design, which is different from how I would play in Survival. Because this is a sandbox game, your own creativity is really your only boundary, and if you play this game with others, you can really create amazing things. Of course because the game's building is done in grid, there are limitations to how you can make certain things, and a lot things need to be up-scaled in order for you to create the image you are going for.

Journey Log #6 - Software Experience - INFP - Mage - Engagement

October 9th

The video clips were recorded using Camtasia, and then the video was edited together in Premiere Pro.

Journey Log #7 - Writing Collaboratively - INFP

October 23rd

My experience with the collaborative work done on Raid 2 went pretty well. We would plan out when we would work in class, and we stuck to those plans. When we wrote the the draft, our research process was mostly individual, initially just finding sources for each section that we wrote. However when we worked on the final, we help each other find sources to help any part of the review. Splitting the writing was interesting, mostly because I our experiences were a little different with the software, however our conclusion was the same. I would say that revising the work together was definitely better than revising papers by myself in the past, because we both were able to see different things that needed work, and I think that made the review better overall. If I were to do future collaborative work, I would make sure that my collaborator and I set time to work in together in person, rather than just working from home. We discussed our plans in class, but I think we could have benefited from doing work together in person as opposed to just texting one another.

Journey Log #8 - Infographics - INFP

October 30th

Raid 4 - Video Series Reflection - Persistence

November 12 2018

My experience with Raid 4 went pretty well, after some initial bumps in the road. When I sat down to gather the gameplay footage I had a few options. Because I'm playing on Xbox and don't own a capture card, I could either play the game like normal and use the built in capture feature to record 2 minute segments, or I could stream from my console, and then screen record the stream on my PC. Ultimately I chose the latter because I figured it would save me time. However when I checked the screen recording, it turns out I had recorded my other monitor the entire time. So I now had to go into the games theater mode, and replay the entire 2 hour game and make sure that it was recorded correctly this time. This was obviously pretty annoying and I definitely just thought about giving up and doing the tutorials on Premiere Pro instead, but I persisted. But after that, everything worked out fine. The editing process went smoothly, it was time consuming, but it nothing bad happened along the way. I cut of the clips I needed, edited them together and recorded my voice over with OBS. The submission process went well too, although I took me a second to figure out how to make a playlist and share it. Overall, I'm glad I stuck it out, despite the initial setback, because I had much more fun doing this, then I would have if I did my tutorials on Premiere.

Work Cited

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Activison, 2018

English 3120 Course Reflection

December 7th 2018

My Four Most Important Habits of Mind

Openness - This habit of mind has been very important for me this semester, in both my school work and in my personal life. There were many assignments, like the ones in the class, that I had to keep an open mind about, such as the video assignments. I haven’t ever had to make videos before, especially ones that I had to have commentary over, so I knew I had to keep an open mind throughout the process. I know there will be more things in the future that will be new experiences for me, so keeping an open mind about those them will allow me to have those experiences.

Persistence - Persistence always is a crucial component in getting me through most of my school work. I have a very procrastinative personality, and so I really have push myself to finish projects or homework. Persistence will have to be something I maintain in my future career, because I don’t believe my personality will change much after college.

Engagement - Being engage in what I’m doing is sometimes hard for me. A lot of times I really have to have a strong interest in the material in order to be able to stay focus on it. I think this is the reason I tend to struggle in some of my classes, like Physics, that are just elective requirements. In the future, I hope to find a job that I’m fully interested in doing because I know it will help keep me engaged and help me do better work.

Responsibility - Being a responsible person has always been important to me. I hate to disappoint the people that care about me or the people that depend on me. At the beginning of the semester, I was working at Mellow Mushroom while also going to school, and it was a hard balance for me. I loved the job, and I didn’t want to quit, but I knew I had to because it was affecting my school work, which comes first. I hope that in the future I can continue to be a responsible person that makes the right decisions when he needs to.

Thoughts on the Course

Since I took ENGL 1030 with you freshman year, I had already been exposed to this style of teaching and the way grades are handle, and I really enjoy this format. I thought the raids were just the right amount of work for each assignment and although I didn’t make use of it, I like that students can make revisions to there work and receive points for them.

Personal Reflection

I think that after taking this class I’m much less apprehensive about using digital software. I previously would ever use Photoshop to make memes out of boredom, but now I feel like I have the skills to make real projects, especially if those projects involve making videos. The work we did with Premiere Pro has introduce me to the video editing process, and I think I’ll be able to use that knowledge in the future. I also think my writing and ways of thinking have improved over the semester. I feel more comfortable writing than I ever have before, and I feel like I can think about problems on a more critical level.

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