FY 17 Goals Customer and Employee Experience Global Operations Vendor Partner Specialist Amber Drake


Drive toward optimal experience and facilitate self-service for customers (candidates, employees, vendors) in subject domain

  1. Esablish and maintain semi annual cadence for internal business reviews to monitor business partner stategy and vendor performace Conduct Semiannual Internal Business Reviews (Globally) April and September
  2. Develop and incorporate summary sourcing instruction, high level decision tree, process flows and templates to the VPO Playbook. Gather requirements and vet with audience, employee experience business partners.


Become SME for Vendor on-boarding tool within Employee Experience

  1. Partner with Procurement to have higher level of expertise of Aravo tool.

Stay up to date with industry best practices and trends for each program

  1. Register and prep for SHRM-CC certification test

Facilitate VPO activities around Global Admin RFP

  1. Implementation support activities

Operational Effectiveness

Define and document effective, streamlined processes that ensures compliance and data integrity as well as facilitate backup coverage

  1. Partner with EMEA and APAC product owners to review all non US benefit vendors and submit renewal Purchase Reqs. Find backup documentation.
  2. Document model vendor decommission process for acquisition playbook using Tube Mogul as a use case.
  3. Refresh Vendor Admin documentation including Global Mobility (VPO Playbook).
  4. Vendor & Contract Inventory Up to Date for Data Privacy documentation & Renewal purposes. Partner with Procurement to identify 25 Tier 1 EMEA contracts, inventory terms and privacy elements.
  5. Refresh 5 most detailed data flow diagrams and validate with Product Owners. (Tri-Ad, Liberty, Health Equity, Vanguard, TransAmerica)

Q1 Accomplishments 

  1. Gained a higher level of access to view messaging and ability to create a vendor profile for one-time payment situations. Has streamlined process.
  2. Registered SHRM test
  3. Global PR/PO annual renewals
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