Goals Project Summer Troup Period 3 1/13/17

1 year goals - see my mom get married - I see her walking down the isle to her soon to be husband with the biggest smile on her face. I can also see her at the happiest she can be marring the love of her life. Lastly I can see the smile on her face as soon as she says I do then has the ring on her finger. -------- going to California- This is a school trip, once in California we will go to the hotel room and go to sleep. The next day we go to Disney Land and we go on the rides and go to the different parks. While at Disney Land we have a work shop that lasts an hour to 2 hours. Once we leave Disney Land we go back to the hotel to go to sleep then head back to Arizona. -------- grand canyon - We are on our way to the Grand Canyon listening to music and having fun on the drive there with my family. Once we are there I take a lot of pictures of the Canyon and of my brother in really weird poses. While still at the Canyon I try and go somewhere where there are no people and while I am struggling to get a picture I finally get the perfect picture. After the Grand Canyon My brother and I fight to get the front seat... I won because I called shotgun first. ---------- get a new long board- I get driven to the mall and I am super excited. Once we enter the mall we go to the store Industrial. As we walk I go straight to the long boards and I pick out the one that I really want. Once I find the board I really wanted we go to check out the check out person always looks at me like really you long board and its always that look and nothing else. Once I leave the store I want to ride my long board already but I can't until I get home.

3 year goals - be a photographer - When taking the pictures they will most likely be about nature and many different structures. When taking the picture i usually get down at the perfect angle to make the picture have more of a life like image. ------ going to college - Going to college I will be studying for many many hours and making sure that I get all of the things I need to get done. Also it would consist of me wanting to be the very best and studying when ever I can. ------- having another cat - with my other cat I will always play with it and train it to open my door if it is closed so if he or she paws at it I won't have to get up and open it like I do for the cat I have now like every 5 minutes. Also while I have a new cat I will make sure it doesn't go outside and has everything that he or she needs. ------- having a job - The job that I hope to have is at a pet store that doesn't really involve people. I would like to re-stock as well as make sure that everything is tidy also make sure everything is all done before people come in.

5 year goals - becoming a mail person - When becoming a mail person I would have some major responsibilities such as making sure that I handle the packages with care as well as getting the mail to the right address. ------------ having a nice apartment with my bestfriend - In our apartment there will be many pictures of us from many many years ago. There will also be some starter things like a bed, utensils and food. ---------- getting my own phone - I hope to get a touch screen phone that is out of date do I don't have to pay much money on the phone bill. Also the phone would most likely be a old I phone maybe the 5. ---------- going to the 4 corners in the US - The road will be a lot of fun because I will have my bestfriend and we will be listening to amazing music on our way there. Once we are there we will take stunning pictures of both us and the 4 corners. Once we leave we will probably stop and take a picture of the sunsets along the way back to our house.

10 year goals - seeing the Aurora Borealis - If I see the Aurora Borealis it will most-likely be through a telescope. However if I do see it I imagine it would be like a sky of colors that are mixed with green, red, yellow, blue and hopefully many other colors. ----------- being a Mortician - Becoming a Mortician is a lot of hard work because you are going to have to know a lot about anatomy. I will also have to deal with getting used to smelling the different smells like the embalming table and of course death. --------- seeing Florida - I imagine Florida is a lot like California only the water is warmer there. The water being warm is very big plus as well because I love to be in the water and go through all of the waves. ---------- going to Maryland - Going to Maryland will be a lot of fun because my grandma now lives there and I never get to see her and catching up with her will be lots of fun. Once in Maryland I will also try to get some very nice pictures that are of my grandma and of nature there because I bet that it is gorgeous.

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