middle east now by: navarro per 1

at the end of the year 2016, in algeria authorities temporarily blocked access to social networking sites including facebook and twister to stop cheats for high school,

in libya 2016 september , the libyan national army (LNA) of general khalifa hafter seizes key oil export terminals in the east

in monaco in 2011 july ,prince albert of monaco marries charlene wittstock

in in saudi arabia 2016 july, the islamic state group accused of a series of bombings, next to the sacred place in islam

2016 december iran , the US senate approves a ten year extension of the iran sanction act

february 2016 in iran , reformists perform well in elections to parliament and Assembly of Experts, the clerical body that chooses the Supreme Leader.

in egypt 2016 december, a bomb attack kills 25 people at cairo church, attack on christians

in syria 2016 january , russian, iran and turkey agree to enforce a ceasefire between government and non islamist rebels

2016 december in turkey, off duty policeman kills russian ambassador in apparent revenge for russian air campaign

in 2016 february in turkey , rise in islamic state activity reported activity reported in a number of northern and southern provinces


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