Curiosity Shelby lubowicki

drawing by Shelby A Lubowicki

Curiosity is more than merely wanting to know more. As the "Exploring" section of Habits of a Creative Mind, written by Richard E. Miller and Ann Jurecic, explains, curiosity is the action of finding out more. This section uses the story of Alice in Wonderland and the concept of “going down the rabbit hole” to illustrate curiosity, both wanting and finding the full truth. In my drawing, I incorporated a quote from Alice in Wonderland. But, the key part of the illustration is the person coming out of the page, not only looking at the words on it, but attempting to explore and find out more. This relates to me and my curious and creative mind. I would call myself a deep person and am always asking questions that start with, "Why.." or "How..". To me, being curious is going beyond wanting to know and actually putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

Created By
Shelby Lubowicki


Created with images by qimono - "philatelist stamp collection stamp" Drawing by Shelby A Lubowicki

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