Florida Museum of Natural History Makaida Todd

Nature on Display

The Butterfly Rainforest

The Butterfly Rain-forest was most definitely the most appealing exhibit to me. This exhibit caught my attention with its aesthetically pleasing display of nature. Prior to going to this exhibit I didn't understand that there are many different kinds of butterflies and that the color of a butterfly has a purpose. I like how you are actually face to face with the butterflies and birds. The most enjoyable part of this experience would have to be observing how everything within the rain-forest interacts with each other.


Four butterflies eating food at the Butterfly Rainforest

The museum provided me the opportunity to experience nature in ways that Leopold recommended. While I was in this exhibit I was able to understand further that humans are not the only occupants of the earth. We share his planet with the plants, animals, and insects, and the land belongs to all living things equally. I began to feel more at one with nature as I journeyed through the museum.

The Confinement of the Butterfly Rainforest

As I walked through the exhibit, I felt bad for the butterflies and birds that were stolen out of their natural habitats and are now being forced into confinement. If we are "members of the biotic community" rather than "conquers of the land", we as a species have no right to steal any other living thing and force to live in a box or cage. This museum really allows its visitor to connect with nature by having the butterflies fly the same place you walk. My experience to the museum enhanced my ethical responsibility of freeing animals from captivity.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Butterfly Rainforest
Butterfly Rainforest

The Florida Museum of Natural History helps us step out our normal lives by giving us an experience that we wouldn't really get normally. This museum has pushed to become a better biotic community member. Also, this exhibit helps us appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world by showing us how different species live. This museum helps us better understand that the earth does not only belong to us. It helps remind us of our place in the universe.

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