Me in the Butterfly Rainforest

Nature on Display

In this area of the Butterfly Rainforest, I encountered a multitude of animals I have never seen before. I saw a small bird the size of the finch consisting of feathers colored yellow, green, red, and purple. I also saw a butterfly that looked as though it was a monarch with the orange substituted for a neon green. Seeing things like this in a atmosphere so immersive as this really helped me to realize how grossing nature really is. There is so much to nature the human nature, let alone myself, has begun to explore. Realizing this really made me enjoy being at the Museum of Natural History.

Nature and Ethics

This photo I took depicts a pure encounter between a young child and a skunk. It represents a human acting as a member of a "biotic community" rather than a "conquerer of the land" as Leopold says we should act. This really changes my perspective on how I view nature now after having visited the museum. It taught me to view myself as someone who has responsibility in the environment as a conscious member.

This photo I took depicts a very realistic scene of a sandy wetland close to a shore. This scene helped me to step out of my ordinary life for a very peculiar reason. I have seen a very similar landscape as this in actual nature and for some reason this really stood out t me to see it recreated in the museum. It helped me to realize how incredible nature is after viewing an artificial and natural landscape that is identical, it shows me how incredible nature is. It helped me to take nature more seriously and appreciate it more and I thank the museum for this.

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