Future forces Using magnetism to fly???

What I was thinking that since opposite poles attract and the same poles repel why can't be there a magnet that repel off another magnet to lift yourself off the ground.

Picture of how like poles repel and different poles attract.

He reason why this could work is all about where the magnets are placed. The magnets have to be strong enough to support a human body you would need and electromagnet which can be 200x stronger than a bar magnet. Where it would be placed you might ask, in a backpack contraption that serves as a mobile magnet strong enough to lift you with the slightest of ease.

Everybody in the world could have these backpacks the only problem is they need a magnet to repel off of, but I have that covered. You might asked where is the magnet going to be? Well it will be the ground. Say the government had put a super thin layer of magnets everywhere on the street so the invention wouldn't have to be just for people or maybe cars, scooters etc.

Thank you

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