Prostart 2016-17 Carter Atkinson A3

Dream Job

"My dream job as if right now is to be a Chinese(中文) translator."

Dream Vacation

"My dream vacation place is England. Particularly Manchester. I hope to watch the Manchester game at the stadium one day."

Labs in Prostart

(I was able to do it with the group. However, I did not remember to take any pictures.)

For the sanitation lab, we made chicken caesar salad. We had to make sure to clean and sanitize the cutting board between each task. Also, we had to make sure that cross-contamination did not occur.
For the historic lab, me and my group made the cheese wontons.
For the assignment "How Safe is it?", me and my partner each observed each other make our own apple crisps and jot down some notes of what we did right and what we could improve on. I noticed later that rather than peeling with a knife, I simply could have used the apple peeler that was being passed around.
For the amusement park lab, me and my group were in charge of making the "Utah Twister Drink". Our first batch of the drink was a little bit sour. the second batch was sweeter, but it wasn't slushy like it was supposed to be.

Three types of...

"Knife Cuts"

These are the three types of knife cuts among many that I had a chance to learn in class. The top left corner is an example of a 1/4 inch dice; the top right corner is a diagonal cut, and the middle stack is the result of a julian cut.

Kitchen Equipment

Found this electronic scale while I was at walmart. It can weigh in both pounds and kilograms. It is also easy to clean and can easily be stored. it costs about $15.00

Prostart Term 2

Lab #1: Halloween Lab

On October 31st was the halloween lab. My group made this juice from ingredients including berry juices. I learned that you can take everyday ingredients and turn it into something more delicious and more desirable.

Lab #2: Standardized recipes & altered recipes

This lab distinguished standardized recipes from altered recipes. The bread from the altered recipes varied in taste, where as the bread of the standardized recipes had the best taste since it was the control of the experiment.

Lab #3: Christmas Lab

This was the christmas lab. The class was introduced to all different kinds of recipes. I learned that there are other great food that are good to make for christmas that are not quite nearly as complicated.
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