Roses -A rose started it all and a love is what remanined- Debarati Roy

Wedding Dresses and First Glances

I stared at the plain white wall in front of me for the seventeenth time. If was going to be my sister's wedding in less than a week and to say she was excited was an understatement.

"Lauren! I think I found it!" Synthia shouts for the, now, tenth time. All of the dressed she had chosen were beat by another she found minutes later. It was a pain. Just choose a dress woman!

"I thought you found it, like, five minutes ago Synthi!" Alex screams back. To say we were the loudest people in the store was not a lie by any means. Although they were less than twenty feet away from each other, they acted as if they were a good couple hundred yards away.

It was annoying to say the least.

Very annoying.

So annoying that the urge to murder someone was getting stronger by the passing second.

And what's even worse, I was on my period. And I was PMSing, my mood swings were upsetting everyone. Just the other day, I came home and started crying because I wanted food.

Imagine that, a blonde, 5'4, twenty-two year old women, sitting on the floor of her old apartment building sobbing her eyes out.

I'm obviously a good catch; note the sarcasm.

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