Adobe spark 2 By Adam Johnson 2-22-2017

I developed skills on how to glaze pottery to make the pottery pop and catch a persons attention. I wasn't very good at first but when it came to the pool ball I improved and it looks pretty good.
This project is meaningful to me because it represents my great grandparents and the truck of theirs that was stolen. It is challenging because i'm not the best at metal artwork and the color that I had to make was a bit challenging. If I could change one thing about this project would probably to find more logos to put on it to honor my late Great grandparents.
On artistic behavior I exhibited was create original art because no one will ever create the same art that I am in this class room. What I did specifically was create two bowls that are unlike any other bowls.

Spark 3

By the end of this year I want to finish the metal project of my late Grandparents truck that was stolen. It will showcase logos that are associated with the truck.

This is the cardboard sculpture that we are making to look like metal. This was a mock up of what the final product would look like when we are done. This project is challenging because none of us have done anything like this before. We chose to do it because it seemed like a cool and interesting project to do. The thing I like most about this project is working with friends to accomplish something new and challenging.
This was us in the process of priming it . After we did this we put gel on it to give it a texture then after the gel dried we put the first coat of gold and brass on it.
This is the first coat of gold after this we put on a couple more coats of gold. My painting skills improved during this project. The gold and brass turned out pretty good to show how we all became better painters. My Artistic behavior I had during this project is collaboration. We worked as a group to work to paint and design the sculpture.
This is the end result of the sculpture.
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Adam Johnson



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