JAIPUR by iris INDIA'S place to be

Are you in need of a vacation ? Then Jaipur is the perfect place . If you have the chance , go to the market there will be for sure something to get .Did you know that Jaipur is the third point of India's golden triangle ?

There is a colossal range of exciting things to do . You can visit the City Palace inside the perplexing Pink City .If you are confused about a new place , there is an abundance of tours you can join in with . Watching the sunset at the Nahargarh Fort is grand . If that is not your ideal thing you may be interested in visiting the largest cannon on wheels. Well that is not all there is a variety of other things to see and do .

If you’re a person afraid of heights then you may prefer to go on a relaxing yet superior elephant ride. But if you’re a person who likes to soar high in the sky , then there are many available hot air balloon rides to enjoy over the charming Jaipur . Also there are a lot of off- beat tours for people who like to walk . Jaipur has it all .

Is it time for food ? Well Jaipur has many marvellous choices . Curries scream out for you but just in case that is not enough for you freshly baked nam - bread is ready for action . The list of mouth - watering delicacies is bottomless . If you’re on a tight budget then the market place has a range of many appetising delights . India’s speciality is a chai latte once you’ve tried some you’ll be begging for another .

If you need a place to rest your weary head then there are many places for people who are on a cheap budget then there will be comfy and welcoming places for reasonably cheap priced hotels . There are also many 5***** hotels including sleep well hotel and sweet dreams hotel . When you first sleep in the beds you will never ever want to get up but that will not matter because you can have breakfast in bed with room service and at night then you can hang out in the jacuzzi.

But overall you will have an unforgettable time and make many happy memories . You would be a fool to miss out . So well what are you waiting for book now with B&I .com .


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