8th Grade Peek of the Week DECEMBER 2ND-6TH


Congratulations to our FIRST EVER REACH Scholarship recipients, Victoria Lord & Austin (Smush) Clemons on this ELITE achievement!!!

BCMS is proud of your COMMITMENT to EXCELLENCE in ALL that YOU do!!! You are BOTH ELITE!

What's Happening This Week at BCMS?

  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • BCHS Boys Basketball AWAY vs. Savannah Christian @6:30!!!
  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • Scholars Attending the BETA Convention on 12/5-6 will take the Math MAP Assessment from 8:45-10:45!!!
  • BCMS Boys (6/7) Basketball AWAY vs. Richmond Hill @5:00!!!
  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • 8th Grade Reading MAP Assessment!!!
  • Parent University (4:30-5:30)
  • BCMS Boys (7/8) & Girls Basketball HOME vs. Claxton @4:00 & 5:30!!!
  • BCHS Boys & Girls Basketball HOME vs. Metter @6:00 & 7:30!!!
  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • 8th Grade Math MAP Assessment!!!
  • BETA Convention in Savannah!!!
  • Being ELITE in our 20 Square Feet!!!
  • Club Day!!!
  • Student Advisory Council Meeting w/Dr. Brooksher @BCMS
  • BCHS Boys & Girls Basketball AWAY vs. Toombs @6:00 & 7:30!!!
Come out and cheer on our Redskins to VICTORY!!!

What's Happening This Week in 8th Grade???

English Language Arts

  • Read 180 (Romberg/Durrence): In READ 180, we continue with Workshop 8- “Follow the Money.” In whole and small group, we will work on creating inferences, context clues, analyze cause and effect, and work with affixes. In independent reading, scholars will read books on their Lexile level from the READ 180 library and complete reading logs. In APP, scholars will independently work on selected APP segments to close learning gaps and complete APP logs. Scholars should have completed a total of 3 segments, 3 novels, and 3 EReads by Dec. 12th. As a reminder, scholars will complete the Reading MAP Assessment on Wednesday, 12/4.
  • 8th Grade ELA (Hills): This week in 8th Grade ELA, scholars will prepare to take the Winter MAP Assessment (Wednesday, 12/4). We will use the data from this assessment to further differentiate instruction for each scholar to ensure that we meet our achievement and growth goals by the end of the school year. We will also continue our study over persuasion and analyzing informational texts. Scholars need to be reminded that their Unit 3 summative assessment (debate) will be due on the date that they signed up for earlier in November.
  • 9th Grade Lit & Comp (Hills/Romberg): Lit and Comp will continue Unit 2: Justice and Equality. Scholars have been loaned copies of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird (TKAM) to use for the unit. Scholars will work on comparing text activities and finish with literary activities from TKAM. The county-wide post-test for Unit 2 will be on Monday, Dec. 9th and the Semester Exam will be on Thursday, Dec. 12th. Lastly, scholars will take the Reading MAP Assessment on Wednesday, 12/4.


  • 8th Grade Science (Herndon/Winkworth/Beasley, Joyner): Scholars will learn about energy transformations using mechanical energy, electrical energy, and magnetic forces. Scholars will learn how magnetic forces work and how we use those forces to affect our lives. They will learn the basic principles of how to create and use electromagnets, generators, and motors. Electromagnets use electrical energy to create a magnetic force. Motors use magnetic forces to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. Generators use magnetic forces to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy.
  • Herndon's Tutorial: Thursday's 3:35-4:30

Social Studies:

  • 8th Grade Georgia Studies (Sanchez/Styron/Beasley/Joyner): We hope everyone had a nice break! This week we will begin studying the causes of the Civil War. We will discuss topics such as slavery, tariffs, states rights, the Compromise of 1850, the Dred Scott decision, and the 1860 election of Abraham Lincoln. Our week will be busy with an online simulation, notes, map activities, and watching related videos. It’s great to be back!


  • 8th Grade Math (Meeks/Carver/Beasley/ Durrence): Scholars will take the Math MAP Assessment on Thursday, 12/5 (Scholars attending the BETA Convention will take the assessment on Tuesday, 12/3)!!! Scholars will be exploring functions and relations.
  • Algebra 1 (Meeks): Scholars will continue studying quadratic expressions and exploring graphing quadratic equations. Scholars will take the Math MAP Assessment on Thursday, 12/5 (Scholars attending the BETA Convention will take the assessment on Tuesday, 12/3!!!)
  • Carver's Tutorial: Tuesday's 3:35-4:30
  • Meeks's Tutorial: Wednesday's 3:35-4:30... Please contact Ms. Meeks if a different day or time is needed.
Thank you to OUR special guest, the REAL Adrian Peterson, for coming to speak to our BCMS scholars about the importance of working hard to achieve their goals in life. ELITE!!!

8th Grade scholars are in for a TREAT! We will travel to the movie theater in Statesboro to see the critically acclaimed movie, Harriet, on December 17th!!! (Permission forms will go home on 12/2!!!)

Get ExExExcited for the Advanced Content Field Trip to Washington D.C. February 5-8, 2020!!!

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Are you ready for the 8th Grade Field Trip on May 15th to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida to experience GRADVENTURE???

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Nom! Nom! Nom!
Our #BeBCMS 2019-2020 Class Schedule!!!

Our 8th Grade Tribe:

English Language Arts

  • Lexy Romberg (Read 180/9th Lit): lromberg@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Teresa Durrence (Read 180): tdurrence@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Quincy Hills (8th ELA/9th Lit): qhills@bryan.k12.ga.us


  • Matthew Herndon (8th Science/Math Connections B): mherndon@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Marc Winkworth (8th Science/Creative Writing Connections B): mwinkworth@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Sunny Beasley (8th Science): sbeasley@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Robbie Joyner (8th ESS Science): rjoyner@bryan.k12.ga.us

Social Studies

  • Marie Sanchez (8th Georgia Studies): msanchez@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Christopher Styron (8th Georgia Studies): cstyron@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Sunny Beasley (8th Georgia Studies): sbeasley@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Robbie Joyner (8th Grade ESS Georgia Studies): rjoyner@bryan.k12.ga.us


  • April Meeks (8th Math/Algebra 1): ameeks@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Miranda Carver (8th Math): mcarver@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Theresa Durrence (8th Math): tdurrence@bryan.k12.ga.us
  • Sunny Beasley (8th Math): sbeasley@bryan.k12.ga.us


Coach Hills would like to thank all the administrators, faculty, staff, parents, and most importantly...THE SCHOLARS of Bryan County Middle School for making this the most ELITE middle school and community in the WORLD!!! #WeAreRising #BeYOUBeHereBelong #BeBCMS

At BCMS We Want YOU to Have It ALL!!!

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