Feudalism By : Reese Bergner

What is Feudalism?

Feudalism: The dominant social system in medival europe. There was a king, noblemen (Lords), knights, and serfs.

What is a Manor?

Manor: a self sufficiant estate of a medival lord. This was the heart of the medival economy.

People Who Lived in a Manor

The people who lived in a manor were the king, the lord, and the lord's family.

The Feudal Triangle

How Society Groups are Interdependent?

The society groups depend on eachother becasue they all have different basic needs that other people need. The king provides land for the lords while the lords offer safety for the king. The serfs offer food tokens to the lords in exhachange for their land. Also, everyone is dependent on the bishop because if he prays for you then you will make it to heaven. That is how people are dependent in their society on the other social groups.

How does the feudal System affect Politics?

The feudal system affects politics because people were born into their groups and that meant people had no choice on who their king would be. Also, lords would take the money from the serfs and the serfs had no choice. They were forced to give up their money, but they did get it in trade for land. Lastly, the lords would choose random serfs to fight in war, so serfs were basically forced to do everything. Lords had a lot of power when it came to making decisions for the government. That is how the feudal system affects politics.

How does the Feudal System affect Social Structure?

The feudal system affects social structure because once you are born into that one social group, you are forced to stay in that group. So if you were born into the group of becoming king, you would be happy because you know you will have power. This goes the same for being a lord because they basically run the people while the king is just sitting in his throne. On the other hand, some people were born into the serfs group and once you are born into it, you are stuck in it. The serfs would feel cheated and overpowered. That is how the feudal system affects social structure.

How does the feudal system affect economy?

The feudal system affected the economy in different ways. First of all, most people today depend on imports and exports, but with the feudal system, there was no trade. Everybody depended on eachother for their basic everyday needs. Also, all the pieces of land owned by a lord were already taken care of itself. People would not have to work on it, but few serfs might've, so this means some people weren't able to work because land was being taken away. That is how the feudal system affects their economy.

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