Israeli-Paleistine joann mak

Israeli wanted to live in the land that God gave them. The Paleistin people does not want this because of the Jewish religion. And the Paleistin people feel secure.
They both want the land and own religion. And do not want to share.
The borders are created bevause of war and treaties.
The Oslo Accord is an agreement that the Paleistine people let the isrealits stay if they give up some territory. but I don't think that the agreement changed anything. they still fight, they still want each other's territory, and there is hardly any peace. i mean the isrealits have bomb shelters right outside the restaurants because they live their life in fear of the Paleistines.
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Joann Mak


Created with images by mrbill78636 - "TABUK ..." • cpt palestine - "#israeli #soldiers and #police were out in the dozens at a nonviolent demonstration in Beit Fajar against occupation today. The demonstration was attended by #israelis, #Palestinians and internationals. Here an #israeli #soldier photographs me photographi" • Shoshanah - "There's another Isreali base in this one" • JerzyGorecki - "view forest mountains" • sybarite48 - "Saint-Benoît -sur-Loire (Loiret)."

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