The Witch of Blackbird Pond Setting Clues, by Thea Trotta


"She walked up to the path of the square framed house" (Speare, 97). This shows the types of frames they used in houses in Kit's time period.


"The onion field in the south needs weeding" (Speare, 75) This shows that not only did they farm for food, but they also grew onions to either eat or sell.


"Kit ruffled out her dusty skirt" (Speare, 14) This quote shows my setting because back then, the women would wear skirts.


"As if the boat we were on was bewitched" (Speare, 14) No one uses boats to travel anymore, as now we have faster ways of transport, like planes, cars, and trains.


"Though, 'tis over now" (Speare, 2) It shows that it is set in the past because "'tis" is not a word we use often anymore.


Adobe Spark Project by Thea Trotta, 2/17/17, English, Class :D

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Thea "Peppermeow"


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