Here we are at Garinger Highschool and so many students choose not to come to school. We have many options to improve our school to make sure people actually come. I will be talking about how having more Assembly's in school can affect students attitude towards their attendance.

We need to have an assembly where a person comes on stage to speak about where were going or headed in our lives. What will happen if we continue to walk a bad path and not even try to get our stuff together. The person needs to tell us the straight up. They need to be able to make the students be quiet and the room dead quiet with their words. i think that if we have more assemblies with someone telling us these things people will actually listen and want to come. There could be an inspirational person come up on stage and tell us about all the possibilities and the chances that we can take. Its all about the chances we gotta take and the risks. We need someone to tell us that we can definitely shoot for the career we really want and we shouldn't feel limited. There should also be another person to come up and talk about the effects of drugs. I would want them to mostly focus on drugs and where it all takes you. It should be a person speaking with experience. I've seen a person talk to a crowd of students about his drug abuse experiences when he was in highschool. He made some students in the crowd tear up in cry when he spoke about how he effected his mother. I'm sure if we got someone like that to come to our school, we could make students want to come more and focus and keep their interests in their bright future.

Having more assembly's would make students eager to show up.

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