Nature and the Good Life Mckenzie keightley

Nature on Display

Amphibians have always been a favorite of mine, so naturally the frog exhibit drew me in. Not only were these real, live frogs, but they are frogs from around the world, that I could never see living in North America. This exhibit showed me things I may never have seen or see again. Not only is that beautiful, but the frogs themselves were beautiful.

Nature and Ethics

The Natural History Museum does exactly what Leopold say. It loves and respects natures, while teaching the public to do so as well. The Butterfly Rainforest is a way to directly interact with nature and wildlife and be within touching distance. It puts you in nature and connects you with the creatures within. This exhibit seems to bring everyone joy. While walking through it you see smiles and hear laughter and wonder all around you. As you are surrounded by nature and wildlife, you become conscious of the natural surroundings, placing each foot carefully in respect to the butterflies.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Understanding nature and where we came from is a very important aspect. I loved the fossil exhibit because it teaches us of our past and where we evolved from. It helps us understand and appreciate the things of the past and the animals around us. These animals are like us and appreciating that is important.
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