'Oli'Oli By Brin Christensen & Marissa Curtis


'Oli'Oli Motto

Everything is ok in the end. if it isn't ok its not the end

This is our community seal because the circle represents perfectness, and never ending. The turtle represents the island they are on.

Mission Statement of 'Oli'Oli

Kindness is the key to happiness, so we must be kind and truthful to everyone around us.

To be a member of 'Oli'Oli these are the rules you must follow.

1.No Cruelty/Abuse- No animal abuse, child abuse, cruel actions/language.

2.Honesty/ Truthfulness- don't tell lies no matter how small they might be.

3. No Judging/ Gossiping- Don't judge others or gossip about them because they are different then you.

4.Give to give not to receive- When you give gifts, don't always expect one back, just enjoy giving.

5.Love yourself & be yourself- Don't try to be like others, just be yourself.

6. Smile- Try to always be happy and kind, even when something bad happens, it will always get better.

7.Don't put others down- making others will not help you feel better, it will just make both of you feel unhappy.

8.Don't give up- Keep trying no matter how many times you fail.

9.Laugh at the problems you are faced with- It can help you feel better, and help you get through it.

10.Difference is good

Where is 'Oli'Oli

'Oli'Oli is an island in the middle of the Bermuda triangle. Then it is hard to find it is almost like a promise land, because you have to work for it.


8:30 Wake up, eat, get ready

9:00 exercising, but they get to choose what type

9:30 Go to school

1:00 School ends, lunch

1:15 Volunteering time starts

2:00 Volunteering time ends, Free time starts

3:00 Free time ends

3:30 Sport of choice

5:00 Sports end

5:30 Dinner

6:00 Dinner ends, Clean up starts

6:30 Clean up ends

7:00 Movie time starts

9:00 Movie time ends, Reading starts, Get ready for bed

9:30 Reading ends, Go to bed


Oligarchy government where it is only run by a few number of people. So hardly anyone has more power or authority over everyone else. They enjoy this because it gives them more freedom and they work together, which makes them more successful, but they still have a small group to keep things together and peaceful.

Why 'Oli'Oli is the Best to Live

'Oli'Oli is the best place to live because everyone is kind and welcoming, and they have freedom to do many things. It's not how much we have, its what we have that makes us happy.

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