iPhone 6s by sarah hawash

The screen of iPhone 6s is made up of Sapphire glass. The iPhone itself is made of Aluminum, Plastic, and Lithium. The battery is made up of Cobalt, Graphite, Lithium, Aluminum and many other materials.
All iPhone's have a battery with a caution sign. The caution sign instructs you to not throw the battery in a fire, to not disassemble it, and to not puncture or crush. That is because it includes Bromine, which is flammable. iPhones can be reused if it has monetary value and can be resold. Or they will dismantle the device and take out the metals, plastics, and glass can be collected to help make another iPhone with those materials. The rest can be recycled.
The Aluminum and Graphite in the iPhone's are mined in many different countries but has more mining done in China. The sapphire glass (the screen of an iPhone), is mined in South East Asia. Although there are many other materials, those are just a few named.
The amount of time it takes a person to feel that their iPhone is of no more use and should get another, is usually when the next generation(s) of an iPhone's comes out or when their phone is cracked or broken.
The chart above represent's where the iPhone 6s is most popular around the world.
PROS-Helps us contact others in case of emergencies. -Helps us in case of boredom -Helps or provides direction's to your destination - Provides the time -reminders, alarms, schedules and calendars etc. CONS- always looking down which gives us neck pains, never paying attention, distracting, a form of procrastination, causes accidents because their phone is a distraction, causes bad eye sight, causes depression etc.
A popular opinion on whether the iPhone makes the world a better place is that it doesn't. In fact, the iPhone makes us forget what the world looks like. with our heads always down focusing on gossip and texting your friends that you forget to look around you and enjoy the real world. another point is that while you're always looking down at your phone you are getting neck pains and bad eye sights and that might not seam like a big deal until you grow older and can hardly play with your grand kids because of how inflexible and fragile your neck is, and to the point where you could barley educate yourself because you cant see the notes on the board from your bad eye sight. last but not least, speaking of education, the iPhone is a huge distraction towards your goals of gaining knowledge. always on your phone unable to focus in your classes and making the classes, less prioritizing to them. over all no, the iPhone does not make the world a better place,


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