A Warm Welcome BY ERIN HARDY

On Tuesday, November 12, a group of upperclass-women were inducted into the McAuley chapter of National Honors Society.

The induction started off with a formal procession of previously inducted NHS members. Current National Honors Society president, Rhys Slavik gave a short introduction then Mrs. Wessling lead an opening prayer.

Members of Mercy High Singers waiting giddily for their upcoming performance.

Mercy High Singers performed an arrangement of the song A Million Dreams from the movie The Greatest Showman. Their performance included an excellent solo by senior Katie Geist.

After the performance, each newly inducted member was called up with their parents, or whoever was escorting them to receive their certificate and National Honors Society membership card.

Some seniors who were inducted last year gave speeches on the four core values of the National Honors Society and what they mean to them.

“the student who gets all A’s, the athlete who earned a scholarship, the actress who works towards her dream”

Madeline Riesberg started off the series of speeches with her reflection on the importance of scholarship. She gave a variety of examples that cover just about every type of student to show how Mercy does everything that they can to help students academically succeed.

“What does a leader look like to you?”

Erin Epp gave a speech about the importance of leadership. She started her speech off with a reflective question. Throughout her speech she discussed her experiences with leadership and what it means for herself.

“you are the future that you dream of”

Rhys Slavik gave a meaningful and beautifully worded speech discussing what the attribute character means for her and how she applies it to her every day life.

“To someone your actions could be priceless”

Being apart of the Operation Others core team, Carina Muse reflected on how her experience with OO and service work has shaped her as a person. She reflected on some of her favorite opportunities she has participated in and why service work is so important.

Senior Erin Epp proudly displaying her newly received NHS pin.

The second the ceremony ended, all of the newly inducted National Honors Society were being pulled everywhich way to get pictures.

Twins Clare and Grace Gonka taking a quick picture for the yearbook.
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