How Does Physical Exercise and Play Boost Achievement in School? by Teacher

Children in American schools spend the vast majority of their time indoors and get only about a half an hour of outside recess daily.
Children in another part of the world, Finland, take breaks from their learning every 45-60 minutes to go outside and play.
Finnish children spend a lot of time outside, even in the dead of winter.
American students, however, spend most of their time indoors, often looking at a screen.
THe key question is: How does the achievement of American students compare to the achievement pf their peers in other countries of the world, especially with Finland?
Research studies shows us that the academic achievement of American students lags behind that of other countries all over the world, particularly Finland, which ranks near the top in reading, math and science. What can we learn from other countries?
Science research tells us that children need physical exercise to build strong, healthy bones.
They need regular aerobic exercise, which involves movement and makes the heart move faster.
Just being outside in the fresh air makes for a healthy mind and body.



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