Fire By: anthony and arthur

Political and International Relations/ Military Events

Red China: in 1949 which was were the communists take over china, marking the beginning of communism. This started communism leading to the cold war and beginning the hysteria of communism

Elvis -to show how Elvis joins the military in 1958, showing how bad the war is. Another thing is that the newspaper indicating Elvis shows how nobody was safe from the draft to Vietnam.

in the music video it shows a guy burning his draft card implicating how some Americans thought they shouldn't be involved in the Vietnam war in 1970.

H-bomb was developed in 1951 which was a bomb that was much stronger and powerful than the atomic bomb.

Economic/scientific/technological developments:

Television become popular in the late 1940's and early 1950's and it had 10 inch screen and were in black and white. which gave people insight of the Vietnam war.

Studebaker was a popular car in the 1950's, this car was very popular but the company went into debt and it was later discontinued.

Sputnik was a first name for the first orbiting satellite sent out to space by the USSR. This allowed the Russians to spy on the us later expanding technology and the US also developing a satellite.

Hula hoops-become a national fad everywhere, celebrities,adults,and children would use them. this invention entertained people by producing a new trend of hula hooping.

Social/cultural developments:

Birth control- was introduced in 1964-1989, many people thought that people got brain washed into by the Russians to avoid getting babies

Punk rock - this was introduced 1964-1989 it hit the music scene with such groups as the Sex Pistols, who would spit at the audience. Many people thought punk rock was a way to revolutionize America.

AIDS- this was an epidemic introduced to America in 1964-1989, and later on spread to the world with no cure.

Rock and Roller Cola Wars- during 1964 and 1989, Pepsi and Coke battle for supremacy in the marketplace. They used musicians and celebrities to expand their audience, it is similar to the cold war because it was more of a sillier cold war with companies.


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