people have only heard about the happiness and joy barney brings to children...

ali & her brother

until you listen to this girl's experience with Barney

...and thats not even all of her story

masklophobia: the fear of mascots

not many people have admitted to this fear but we know its real.

i mean look at this picture:

how can you not be afraid of that?

for ali, just meeting barney effected her adult life forever.

look-alike to the barney at ali's birthday party
"this mask fear also means a healthy fear of mascots. there are some people who love seeing them from a distance, but if they come too close, they freak out. of course, it's a fear that most children outgrow at later ages, but some of them retain that." -hubpages

"i would rather set myself on fire than watch that show any day"-from ali herself.

"i mean come on, i can think of a billion other things to be doing with my life than watching that show. you couldn't even pay me 1 million dollars to put myself through that...EVER" she continues.

if you or a friend knows someone with this fear

you can help by:

  • listening to them
  • not taking them to Disney World
  • being a friend
  • avoiding sporting events and the mall when the Chick-Fil-A cow is walking around
  • having no school spirit what so ever
  • i encourage being anti-social during welcome week because mascots are everywhere
  • you can never be too causeous
  • most importantly, don't make jokes about their fear

it might be irrational but they need as much help with mascots that you need for spiders....

jokes on you!

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